Employment Application

Iowa is on the move! Iowa's highway system consists of more than 114,000 miles roadway and over 24,000 bridges. The Iowa DOT works along with county and city governments to design, build, and maintain that system. But that's not all – the Iowa DOT's workforce and responsibilities are as diverse as the communities we serve. These include Iowa's rail, river, aviation, trails, and public transit systems. Staffed by over 3,000 highly skilled and motivated employees, located at offices and transportation facilities throughout the state, the Iowa DOT is driven to move people and goods safely and efficiently.

Thank you for your interest in assisting the Iowa DOT team through employment. This online application process will allow you to tell us some basic information about yourself and your interests. The timing and area of these opportunities vary, preventing us from providing a definite timeframe or guarantee that you be selected for an interview or position. We will add your information into our candidate pool for consideration for these employment opportunities, for up to one year after your submittal. Employment submittals WILL NOT be considered for permanent position vacancies. You will need to apply separately for any permanent position vacancies that interest you. Be sure to check the DAS-HRE employment page or the Iowa DOT Open Jobs page regularly for new permanent vacancy announcements.

Getting around the application - You will find the following image buttons at the bottom of the application form.
After reading the introduction and description information, you can start the application process by clicking on this image.
You may backup at any time to change previously completed pages by clicking on this image.
You may continue in the application process by clicking on this image.  There are required fields on many of the pages of the application that need to be filled in before the application will continue to the next step.  These fields will be marked with an asterisk - *.
After you have completed the application to your satisfaction and have checked the box stating that you agree with the terms of application and understand the disclaimer, you can send the application to the Iowa DOT electronically by clicking on this image.  If you have chosen to get a copy of the application data sent back to you via email, you should see it shortly in your email inbox.  At this time, there is no method provided for changing any information sent to the Iowa DOT in an application for employment.  If you have made an error and do not realize it until after sending your application, you will need to submit a new application for consideration.

Required content on the application's pages must be completed before continuing with the next steps.  The post-secondary education or employment history pages do not need to be filled out if you do not have anything to contribute for these areas.  If you do partially  fill out some portions of these sections, they will need to be filled out in its entirety before you will be allowed to continue.
If you mistakenly fill out a portion of one of these sections, you will need to completely remove those entries in order to continue the application process.

If you choose not to complete an application, simply close your web browser or go to a different page.  Your data will not be saved and sent to the Iowa DOT until you click on the save application image button.
Problems or questions?  Contact us via e-mail.