Volume of Traffic on the Primary Road System




Section length (miles) Annual average daily traffic

Vehicle classification distribution
of annual average daily traffic

Average daily vehicle miles


Cars, vans and pickups Total trucks and buses Single unit
All vehicles Trucks and buses
Primary route
section description




4 or more axles 4 or less axles


6 or more axles Multiple trailers
6449 Jackson COUNTY
64 WEST LIMITS OF MONMOUTH Rural0.4451360121144204627111461027360591
64 INTERSECTION DIVISION WEST ST Municipal0.50113201111091996271114510073661100
64 EAST LIMITS OF MONMOUTH Municipal0.2541740161525199627111451007344251
64 WEST LIMITS OF BALDWIN Rural1.485178016156020462711146102732643303
64 INTERSECTION MAIN STREET Municipal0.2521740161525199627111451007343850
64 EAST LIMITS OF BALDWIN Municipal0.51219501817331996271114510073998102
64 JUNCTION 100TH AVENUE Rural2.644200018177820462711146102735288539
64 JUNCTION CO RD Y46 Rural2.658221020198520462711146102735874542
64 JUNCTION SUMMIT ST (MAQUOKETA) Rural2.2553060292792239104819246102736900539
64 WEST LIMITS OF MAQUOKETA Rural0.6145200504869280157329346102733193172
64 US 61 INTERCHANGE Municipal0.13267006663622721571283451007388436
64 JUNCTION WESTERN AVENUE Municipal0.23594007090622661373404279784220963
64 INTERSECTION NIAGRA STREET Municipal0.5691000075965726613734042797845690151
64 INTERSECTION MAIN STREET Municipal0.11885006381692661373404279784100331
64 JUNCTION WALNUT STREET Municipal0.424650048620424611623432797842756104
64 JUNCTION IA 62 Municipal0.497520038491524611623432797842584122
64 EAST LIMITS OF MAQUOKETA Municipal0.01435903433322231359243368162503
64 WEST LIMITS OF MAQUOKETA Rural0.0802190201941229136124337826217518
64 EAST LIMITS OF MAQUOKETA Municipal0.0562140201897223135924336816212012
64 JUNCTION CO RD Y60 Rural2.818219020194122913612433782626171645
64 JUNCTION CO RD Z20 Rural9.50517501615052291361243378262166342177
64 WEST JUNCTION CO RD Z34 Rural1.174207019182222913612433782622430269
64 WEST LIMITS OF PRESTON Rural0.3262560242285252167530437826283582
64 INTERSECTION MAIN STREET Municipal0.526250023223124515722933681621315129
64 EAST LIMITS OF PRESTON Municipal0.1822040191842179136124322504237133
64 JUNCTION 446TH AVENUE & 21ST ST Rural0.616188017167918413632532352421158113
64 WEST LIMITS OF MILES Rural2.830188017167918413632532352425320521
64 JUNCTION SECTION ROAD Municipal0.3151830171634179136124322504257656
64 INTERSECTION FERRY ROAD Municipal0.1821270111080179136124322504223133
64 NORTH LIMITS OF MILES Municipal0.50311201099511583715215342156358
64 JUNCTION US 67 Rural6.29411501110221188391521635317238743
       ROUTE SUMMARY - RURAL33.7441910 644646754
       ROUTE SUMMARY - MUNICIPAL5.2723963 208911134
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