Volume of Traffic on the Primary Road System




Section length (miles) Annual average daily traffic

Vehicle classification distribution
of annual average daily traffic

Average daily vehicle miles


Cars, vans and pickups Total trucks and buses Single unit
All vehicles Trucks and buses
Primary route
section description




4 or more axles 4 or less axles


6 or more axles Multiple trailers
16955 Kossuth COUNTY
169 INTERSECTION CO RD B55 Rural6.97427902322655021990364101227178194573501
169 INTERSECTION 190TH STREET Rural1.9932860242334502199036410122717857001000
169 SOUTH LIMITS OF ALGONA Rural1.278382034328450219903641012271784882642
169 JUNCTION IRVINGTON STREET Municipal0.2103680333165482188634497218168773101
169 JUNCTION SOUTH STREET Municipal0.24956005250654821886344972181681394120
169 EAST JCT STATE ST & PHILLIPS ST Municipal0.38677007471444821886344972181682972186
169 WEST JCT STATE ST & JONES STREETMunicipal0.31560004355873691371394481721571890116
169 INTERSECTION NORTH STREET Municipal0.1637000516552396158648548172157114165
169 INTERSECTION OAK STREET Municipal0.2248500628040396158648548172157190489
169 ENTRANCE TO K MART/HY VEE Municipal0.35897007292313961586485481721573473142
169 INTERSECTION US 18 Municipal0.2427700567246396158648548172157186396
169 NORTH LIMITS OF ALGONA Municipal0.2524710424113554261214861012271781187140
169 INTERSECTION EAST RIVER ROAD Rural0.04548204342085682612450610423317821726
169 INTERSECTION CO RD B30 Rural2.7133390313019339188434457128949197920
169 INTERSECTION 300TH STREET Rural4.918254022217933918843445712894124921667
169 INTERSECTION CO RD B19 Rural0.8531860161505339188434457128941587289
169 SOUTH JUNCTION CO RD A42 Rural5.245210018174333918843445712894110151778
169 SOUTH LIMITS OF BANCROFT Rural0.583244022215925983614257128941423151
169 INTERSECTION SENECA ROAD Municipal0.491235021208024973414255124941154122
169 NORTH LIMITS OF BANCROFT Municipal0.0841810161545249734142551249415221
169 JUNCTION CO RD A40 Rural0.950189017161425983614257128941796246
169 WEST JUNCTION IA 9 & CO RD P40 Rural4.96411609892259836142571289457581286
169 INTERSECTION CO RD P50 Rural2.4411320109683421464263681521143222835
169 JUNCTION CO RD P60 Rural3.501138011102734214642636815211448311197
169 JUNCTION 3RD STREET (LAKOTA) Rural0.255146011110634214642636815211437287
169 EAST JUNCTION IA 9 Rural0.243172014136434214642636815211441883
169 INTERSECTION CO RD A16 Rural7.05410408801230943172451027373361622
169 MINNESOTA STATE LINE Rural0.848127011102923094317245102731077195
       ROUTE SUMMARY - RURAL44.8582024 9078015525
       ROUTE SUMMARY - MUNICIPAL2.9746020 179031198
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