Volume of Traffic on the Primary Road System




Section length (miles) Annual average daily traffic

Vehicle classification distribution
of annual average daily traffic

Average daily vehicle miles


Cars, vans and pickups Total trucks and buses Single unit
All vehicles Trucks and buses
Primary route
section description




4 or more axles 4 or less axles


6 or more axles Multiple trailers
6985 Story COUNTY
69 INTERSECTION IA 210 Rural1.003423041397821121983951432214243212
69 JUNCTION CAMPUS DRIVE (HUXLEY) Rural0.5035500525021426391827393680622767214
69 SOUTH LIMITS OF HUXLEY Rural0.4196300605813426391827393680622640178
69 INTERSECTION 1ST STREET Municipal0.08770006765234093717470834776260936
69 NORTH LIMITS OF HUXLEY Municipal0.9196400615964374351676782862525882344
69 SOUTH JUNCTION CO RD E57 Rural3.169750073703738937174698296552237681233
69 SOUTH LIMITS OF AMES Rural2.56478007673343893717469829655219999997
69 JUNCTION JEWEL DRIVE Municipal0.5187600747152374351676782862523937194
69 JUNCTION AIRPORT ROAD Municipal0.52412200120116324473516666849110846393234
69 US 30 INTERCHANGE Municipal0.28320500200194338657435114017811821365802245
69 INTERSECTION SOUTH 16TH STREET Municipal0.28825400190244227845330116717481751597315226
69 JUNCTION SOUTH 3RD STREET Municipal0.76524300182234087065531317417291049518590540
69 JCT LINCOLN WAY & DUFF AVENUE Municipal0.186220001642118264953297165162384744092121
69 JCT LINCOLN WAY & GRAND AVENUE Municipal0.507159001171512765257320178181657528061331
69 INTERSECTION 6TH STREET Municipal0.272156001171512036030168939124242424398
69 INTERSECTION 13TH STREET Municipal0.5321640012415971302241367571242428725161
69 INTERSECTION 16TH STREET Municipal0.262184001391792233527154869124242482188
69 INTERSECTION 20TH STREET Municipal0.260169001281643433527154869124242439487
69 INTERSECTION 24TH STREET Municipal0.251158001191534333527154869124242396684
69 JUNCTION 30TH ST & DUFF AVENUE Municipal0.377124009311980324261488281242424675122
69 JUNCTION BLOOMINGTON ROAD Municipal0.3141190011811457324341606481738323737102
69 NORTH LIMITS OF AMES Municipal0.404950094916124424111455173832383899
69 JUNCTION 190TH STREET Rural1.15298009794492532511646617393211290291
69 INTERSECTION CO RD E23 Rural1.9877600757308216209438417393215101429
69 INTERSECTION CO RD E18 Rural4.1085400535150196178233417393222183805
69 SOUTH JUNCTION CO RD E15 Rural1.453408040385618414662632248425928267
69 NORTH JUNCTION CO RD E15 Rural0.546312030290518414662632248421704100
69 SOUTH LINE OF HAMILTON COUNTY Rural0.968253024232218414662632248422449178
       ROUTE SUMMARY - RURAL17.8726271 1120724904
       ROUTE SUMMARY - MUNICIPAL6.74914680 990803112
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