Volume of Traffic on the Primary Road System




Section length (miles) Annual average daily traffic

Vehicle classification distribution
of annual average daily traffic

Average daily vehicle miles


Cars, vans and pickups Total trucks and buses Single unit
All vehicles Trucks and buses
Primary route
section description




4 or more axles 4 or less axles


6 or more axles Multiple trailers
6449 Jackson COUNTY
64 WEST LIMITS OF MONMOUTH Rural0.4451370121152205627111451048361091
64 INTERSECTION DIVISION WEST ST Municipal0.5011300121093196626101431007265198
64 EAST LIMITS OF MONMOUTH Municipal0.2541710161498196626101431007243450
64 WEST LIMITS OF BALDWIN Rural1.485179017156820562711145104832658304
64 INTERSECTION MAIN STREET Municipal0.2521710161498196626101431007243149
64 EAST LIMITS OF BALDWIN Municipal0.51219201817051966261014310072983100
64 JUNCTION 100TH AVENUE Rural2.644201019178620562711145104835314542
64 JUNCTION CO RD Y46 Rural2.658222021199320562711145104835901545
64 JUNCTION SUMMIT ST (MAQUOKETA) Rural2.3023070302800240114819245104837067552
64 WEST LIMITS OF MAQUOKETA Rural0.5675200524867281177229345104832948159
64 US 61 INTERCHANGE Municipal0.13266006662652681669273431007287135
64 JUNCTION WESTERN AVENUE Municipal0.235930072896426214753632410072218662
64 INTERSECTION NIAGRA STREET Municipal0.5549900779559262147536324100725485145
64 INTERSECTION MAIN STREET Municipal0.120840065807126214753632410072100831
64 JUNCTION WALNUT STREET Municipal0.4376400496107242126330324100722797106
64 JUNCTION IA 62 Municipal0.4975100394818242126330324100722535120
64 EAST LIMITS OF MAQUOKETA Municipal0.01435403532862191357233348062503
64 WEST LIMITS OF MAQUOKETA Rural0.0802200211949230146024336846217618
64 EAST LIMITS OF MAQUOKETA Municipal0.0562110201871219135723334806211812
64 JUNCTION CO RD Y60 Rural2.818220021194923014602433684626200648
64 JUNCTION CO RD Z20 Rural9.50517601615142301460243368462167292186
64 WEST JUNCTION CO RD Z34 Rural1.174208019183023014602433684622442270
64 WEST LIMITS OF PRESTON Rural0.3262570242292253177429436846283882
64 INTERSECTION MAIN STREET Municipal0.526246023219524116702833480621294127
64 EAST LIMITS OF PRESTON Municipal0.1822010191814176145923322504236632
64 JUNCTION 446TH AVENUE & 21ST ST Rural0.616189018168818414622532252421164113
64 WEST LIMITS OF MILES Rural2.801189018168818414622532252425294515
64 JUNCTION SECTION ROAD Municipal0.3131800171607176145923322504256355
64 INTERSECTION FERRY ROAD Municipal0.2121250111062176145923322504226537
64 NORTH LIMITS OF MILES Municipal0.50311001097711383614215342155357
64 JUNCTION US 67 Rural6.29411501110211189381521535317238743
       ROUTE SUMMARY - RURAL33.7151915 645796768
       ROUTE SUMMARY - MUNICIPAL5.3003885 205901119
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