Volume of Traffic on the Primary Road System




Section length (miles) Annual average daily traffic

Vehicle classification distribution
of annual average daily traffic

Average daily vehicle miles


Cars, vans and pickups Total trucks and buses Single unit
All vehicles Trucks and buses
Primary route
section description




4 or more axles 4 or less axles


6 or more axles Multiple trailers
16955 Kossuth COUNTY
169 INTERSECTION CO RD B55 Rural6.9742180181712449198233487203157152033131
169 INTERSECTION 190TH STREET Rural1.99324502119804491982334872031574883895
169 SOUTH LIMITS OF ALGONA Rural1.27837703532864491982334872031574818574
169 JUNCTION IRVINGTON STREET Municipal0.210410038361244919823348720315786194
169 JUNCTION SOUTH STREET Municipal0.24957005551954491982334872031571419112
169 EAST JCT STATE ST & PHILLIPS ST Municipal0.386670064606756835154617872031572586219
169 WEST JCT STATE ST & JONES STREETMunicipal0.3155800445415340189747432130941827107
169 INTERSECTION NORTH STREET Municipal0.163690052650634018974743213094112555
169 INTERSECTION OAK STREET Municipal0.224830064789534018974743213094185976
169 ENTRANCE TO K MART/HY VEE Municipal0.3589300728887340189747432130943329122
169 INTERSECTION US 18 Municipal0.242700053660534018974743213094169482
169 NORTH LIMITS OF ALGONA Municipal0.2524110403728342198132458135104103686
169 INTERSECTION EAST RIVER ROAD Rural0.045411040372834219813245813510418515
169 INTERSECTION CO RD B30 Rural2.71330702927313101462243581351048329841
169 INTERSECTION 300TH STREET Rural4.9182450222117310146224358135104120491525
169 INTERSECTION CO RD B19 Rural0.85317301514242911250202581351041476248
169 SOUTH JUNCTION CO RD A42 Rural5.245189017158229112502025813510499131526
169 SOUTH LIMITS OF BANCROFT Rural0.58319001715922911250202581351041108170
169 INTERSECTION SENECA ROAD Municipal0.4911900171592291125020258135104933143
169 NORTH LIMITS OF BANCROFT Municipal0.084148012115531315632535813510412426
169 JUNCTION CO RD A40 Rural0.95014801211553131563253581351041406297
169 WEST JUNCTION IA 9 & CO RD P40 Rural4.9641210988731315632535813510460061554
169 INTERSECTION CO RD P50 Rural2.441127098574041461243841971473100986
169 JUNCTION CO RD P60 Rural3.5011300988740414612438419714745511414
169 JUNCTION 3RD STREET (LAKOTA) Rural0.255133010916404146124384197147339103
169 EAST JUNCTION IA 9 Rural0.243152012110440414612438419714736998
169 INTERSECTION CO RD A16 Rural7.054940874019252181441027366311354
169 MINNESOTA STATE LINE *Rural0.848115010948192521814410273975163
       ROUTE SUMMARY - RURAL44.8581813 8134114894
       ROUTE SUMMARY - MUNICIPAL2.9745647 167931122
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