Volume of Traffic on the Primary Road System




Section length (miles) Annual average daily traffic

Vehicle classification distribution
of annual average daily traffic

Average daily vehicle miles


Cars, vans and pickups Total trucks and buses Single unit
All vehicles Trucks and buses
Primary route
section description




4 or more axles 4 or less axles


6 or more axles Multiple trailers
5296 Winneshiek COUNTY
52 EAST LIMITS OF CASTALIA Rural3.367178015144032514592336314711459931094
52 JUNCTION CENTENIAL ROAD Municipal0.65215701312453121357223611421041024203
52 WEST LIMITS OF CASTALIA Municipal0.3021180985931213572236114210435694
52 EAST LIMITS OF OSSIAN Rural4.12712301089532514592336314711450761341
52 INTERSECTION LYDIA STREET Municipal0.57924202220863121357223611421041401181
52 JUNCTION JESSIE STREET Municipal0.101311029276631514592336114210431432
52 JUNCTION FISHER AVENUE Municipal0.111261024227131514592336114210429035
52 WEST LIMITS OF OSSIAN Municipal0.288258024224131514592336114210474391
52 JUNCTION CO RD B32 Rural0.122269025233632914622436314711432840
52 JUNCTION CO RD W38 Rural3.911199017164332914622436314711477831287
52 EAST LIMITS OF CALMAR Rural1.82322502019013291462243631471144102600
52 JUNCTION IA 24 & IA 150 Municipal0.274247023213231514592336114210467786
52 INTERSECTION NORTH STREET Municipal0.1035100494577474281194767717913652549
52 NORTH LIMITS OF CALMAR Municipal0.477477045425047428119476771791362275226
52 JUNCTION CO RD B16 Rural1.205439041385349529125506801861475290596
52 INTERSECTION IA 9 Rural7.64147004542084472912550666155114359133416
52 SOUTH LIMITS OF DECORAH Rural0.280418039370044123101405761771361170123
52 NORTH LIMITS OF DECORAH Municipal0.37240003835414212296385731701251488157
52 JUNCTION PULPIT ROCK ROAD Rural0.0614180393700441231014057617713625527
52 SOUTH LIMITS OF DECORAH Rural0.91036703532733611253213761771363340329
52 INTERSECTION POLE LINE ROAD Municipal0.50435203331403461251202731701251774174
52 NORTH LIMITS OF DECORAH Municipal0.50126402422693461251202731701251323173
52 JUNCTION COLLEGE DRIVE Rural1.02527502523643611253213761771362819370
52 JUNCTION CO RD W34 Rural1.86432003028403291253213671571145965613
52 JUNCTION 355TH ST & 236TH AVE Rural6.7412450222098329125321367157114165152218
52 MINNESOTA STATE LINE Rural3.542203018168332912532136715711471901165
       ROUTE SUMMARY - RURAL36.6192778 10173913219
       ROUTE SUMMARY - MUNICIPAL4.2642859 121901501
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