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Section length (miles) Annual average daily traffic

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of annual average daily traffic

Average daily vehicle miles


Cars, vans and pickups Total trucks and buses Single unit
All vehicles Trucks and buses
Primary route
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4 or more axles 4 or less axles


6 or more axles Multiple trailers
2010 Buchanan COUNTY
20 CO RD V65 INTERCHANGE Rural0.45811000499114183765317707132113946635038841
20 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.311390232959317403291100
20 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.280490243156522512201100
20 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.311730466958421503231100
20 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.267730467848317402201100
20 WEST LIMITS OF INDEPENDENCE Rural5.99110500468608184665318707133114446636290611059
20 EAST LIMITS OF INDEPENDENCE Municipal0.49810200458359179663310687129111345615080894
20 IOWA AVENUE INTERCHANGE Rural0.50210500468608184665318707133114446635271927
20 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.280750469749417402201100
20 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.249810473670420404341100
20 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.292730469532210202141100
20 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.23067036333329202171100
20 IA 150 INTERCHANGE Rural1.4991060046865219026833674813611694764158892851
20 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMPMunicipal0.261167081527135839918653400
20 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Municipal0.2421590814391435266110873400
20 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.261176081529223946101151305700
20 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.2491870916472141048101141205600
20 RACINE AVENUE INTERCHANGE Rural7.09510300458477177763311687127109644607307912608
20 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.317200110594314307612300
20 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.2612301123106210209753400
20 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.317123061118106837815432300
20 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.26111806108788837813281100
20 IA 187 INTERCHANGE Rural5.441830035650417615326057613311444663451609582
20 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.311300121682313306522300
20 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.280230116564313304371100
20 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.311570352245210203251100
20 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.249580352256315303281100
20 WEST LINE OF DELAWARE COUNTY Rural2.534760031576218075326157613711814764192584579
       ROUTE SUMMARY - RURAL28.5578064 22660142447
       ROUTE SUMMARY - MUNICIPAL1.0015894 5080894
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