Volume of Traffic on the Primary Road System




Section length (miles) Annual average daily traffic

Vehicle classification distribution
of annual average daily traffic

Average daily vehicle miles


Cars, vans and pickups Total trucks and buses Single unit
All vehicles Trucks and buses
Primary route
section description




4 or more axles 4 or less axles


6 or more axles Multiple trailers
8015 Cass COUNTY
80 CO RD M56 INTERCHANGE Rural1.909212006313077806014151910364596547881984047115387
80 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.280700393128201170000
80 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.242600441613101100000
80 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.249900682115101120000
80 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.242900672312001180000
80 IA 173 INTERCHANGE Rural3.012211006312974806414352310464586544881986355324289
80 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.37324011914827102340100
80 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.398440236772520403391200
80 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST LOOP Rural0.218380232355414302310000
80 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST LOOP Rural0.21124011469314511011160000
80 CO RD N16 INTERCHANGE Rural2.935207006112562807814954710964576525881986075523709
80 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.29235013084027102260000
80 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.261290122960311203401200
80 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.342300124554311202330100
80 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.280270122841312201210000
80 US 6 & US 71 INTERCHANGE Rural3.287208006112655808414854210864586537881986837026572
80 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.28661024611476235071011300
80 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.2945502437110620405721200
80 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.2495302424104828504571200
80 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.3035802475102310205781200
80 CO RD N28 INTERCHANGE Rural3.710208006112606813414954810964616574892007716830177
80 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.12960046141310180000
80 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.11850039111310060000
80 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.14360045151510170000
80 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.24970059111200170000
80 IA 148 & CO RD F58 INTERCHANGE Rural5.7322080061126068133149547109646165748920011922646618
80 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.280230119039312201190000
80 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.223300124950415302250000
80 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.29817011442613101190000
80 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.28014011122715101180000
80 WEST LINE OF ADAIR COUNTY Rural2.993211006212869816915456511274616583892006315224450
       ROUTE SUMMARY - RURAL29.81816582 492695191202
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