Volume of Traffic on the Primary Road System




Section length (miles) Annual average daily traffic

Vehicle classification distribution
of annual average daily traffic

Average daily vehicle miles


Cars, vans and pickups Total trucks and buses Single unit
All vehicles Trucks and buses
Primary route
section description




4 or more axles 4 or less axles


6 or more axles Multiple trailers
2040 Hamilton COUNTY
20 IA 17 & CO RD R21 WEST INTCHG Rural1.399930040747617854120345514312325068130112497
20 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.311560239316442150131104500
20 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.329610243817031630141215600
20 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.29840023118728207633400
20 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.2984502342106419408653400
20 WEST LIMITS OF WEBSTER CITY Rural2.789960040745121095325857616614335879267745882
20 EAST LIMITS OF WEBSTER CITY Municipal0.2489600407451210953258576166143358792381523
20 WEST LIMITS OF WEBSTER CITY Rural0.50596004074512109532585761661433587948481065
20 IA 17 & SUPERIOR ST EAST INTCHG Municipal1.00596004074512109532585761661433587996482120
20 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Municipal0.3481060595798732715422200
20 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Municipal0.26710205897119527618663400
20 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Municipal0.37310605951104523517592300
20 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Municipal0.292148071352121839916542300
20 EAST LIMITS OF WEBSTER CITY Municipal1.244910037696221015225656616614295778113202614
20 CO RD R38 INTERCHANGE Rural3.733910037696221015225656616614295778339707843
20 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.2301201101181720170000
20 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.3297006450200020000
20 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.2499008450100020000
20 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST LOOP Rural0.199100089100100170000
20 US 69 INTERCHANGE Rural3.998920038704321195326157616714385879367828472
20 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.28017011195002005392200
20 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.26715011064302004331100
20 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.29829012474216103281100
20 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.267450239750210203291100
20 I 35 INTERCHANGE Rural3.635880035664421205124955616914535879319887706
20 CO RD R77 INTERCHANGE Rural2.453860035665119144220645515513345474210964695
20 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.298800602002002141100
20 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.267800601914101110000
20 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.31110009280200040000
20 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.26790077121410150000
20 WEST LINE OF HARDIN COUNTY Rural2.977860035663119334220645515713505474256025755
       ROUTE SUMMARY - RURAL25.9877511 19407143915
       ROUTE SUMMARY - MUNICIPAL3.7776571 233495257
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