Volume of Traffic on the Primary Road System




Section length (miles) Annual average daily traffic

Vehicle classification distribution
of annual average daily traffic

Average daily vehicle miles


Cars, vans and pickups Total trucks and buses Single unit
All vehicles Trucks and buses
Primary route
section description




4 or more axles 4 or less axles


6 or more axles Multiple trailers
8048 Iowa COUNTY
80 CO RD V38 INTERCHANGE Rural1.0462730085175889627218801159953175781022302855610070
80 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.280290124544311202250000
80 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.28031012783128201170000
80 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.292180115029311201120000
80 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.29216011332601002220000
80 CO RD V52 INTERCHANGE Rural6.05327500861776796472208081609531758610223016645858393
80 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.24932012893051730040000
80 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.26132012853351940040000
80 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.24970060101310040000
80 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.2671100852415101150000
80 CO RD V66 INTERCHANGE Rural5.009280008818236967622783516610531757610223014025248467
80 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.2421240511111231243914531200
80 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.379700363265517303360100
80 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.261620357344413302220000
80 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST LOOP Rural0.2491410612841201036704601200
80 WEST LIMITS OF WILLIAMSBURG Rural2.53729300941939698112418841761053576321032327433424891
80 IA 149 & CO RD V77 INTERCHANGE Municipal0.4712910093192729736239878174105317574102230137064586
80 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Municipal0.2383030132789227145210191352400
80 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Municipal0.31028001326351521037706871200
80 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Municipal0.261131061175130831605751200
80 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Municipal0.2611490613181651140807941200
80 EAST LIMITS OF WILLIAMSBURG Municipal0.53132100107221759818244894178105347625103231170455213
80 US 151 & CO RD W21 INTERCHANGE Rural4.4963240010822397989524690217911538768410423314567044488
80 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.280670361651413302280000
80 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.248600353959518302300000
80 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.224900481383724503421200
80 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.317990492758620402250000
80 WEST LINE OF JOHNSON COUNTY Rural3.9933170010521732986424288817610538767510323212657839387
       ROUTE SUMMARY - RURAL27.50424878 681848225696
       ROUTE SUMMARY - MUNICIPAL2.07215961 307519799
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