Volume of Traffic on the Primary Road System




Section length (miles) Annual average daily traffic

Vehicle classification distribution
of annual average daily traffic

Average daily vehicle miles


Cars, vans and pickups Total trucks and buses Single unit
All vehicles Trucks and buses
Primary route
section description




4 or more axles 4 or less axles


6 or more axles Multiple trailers
6449 Jackson COUNTY
64 WEST LIMITS OF MONMOUTH Rural0.4451400611712231258131131155662399
64 INTERSECTION DIVISION WEST ST Municipal0.50113306111221211551211310945666106
64 EAST LIMITS OF MONMOUTH Municipal0.2541770815502121155121131094545054
64 WEST LIMITS OF BALDWIN Rural1.485187091639223125813113115562777331
64 INTERSECTION MAIN STREET Municipal0.2521770815502121155121131094544653
64 EAST LIMITS OF BALDWIN Municipal0.51218008158021211551211310945922109
64 JUNCTION 100TH AVENUE Rural2.644190091668223125813113115565024590
64 JUNCTION CO RD Y46 Rural2.6582210111977223125813113115565874593
64 JUNCTION SUMMIT ST (MAQUOKETA) Rural2.30233801630613032311325313115567781698
64 WEST LIMITS OF MAQUOKETA Rural0.56736601833393032311325313115562075172
64 US 61 INTERCHANGE Municipal0.132580029548328822108242131094576638
64 JUNCTION WESTERN AVENUE Municipal0.235880031844632316168252118379206876
64 INTERSECTION NIAGRA STREET Municipal0.5548600308247323161682521183794764179
64 INTERSECTION MAIN STREET Municipal0.12173002569523231616825211837988339
64 JUNCTION WALNUT STREET Municipal0.4377200256888287131392121183793146125
64 JUNCTION IA 62 Municipal0.4974940174636287131392121183792455143
64 EAST LIMITS OF MAQUOKETA Municipal0.0142340122162166146615275823332
64 WEST LIMITS OF MAQUOKETA Rural0.080246012227317414701527602319714
64 EAST LIMITS OF MAQUOKETA Municipal0.05623401221621661466152758231319
64 JUNCTION CO RD Y60 Rural2.9181940917571741470152760235661508
64 JUNCTION CO RD Z20 Rural9.405178091597174147015276023167411636
64 WEST JUNCTION CO RD Z34 Rural1.17424201221932152098222760232841252
64 WEST LIMITS OF PRESTON Rural0.326291014268121520982227602394970
64 INTERSECTION MAIN STREET Municipal0.52627701425512051993212758231457108
64 EAST LIMITS OF PRESTON Municipal0.182207010185520519932127582337737
64 JUNCTION 446TH AVENUE & 21ST ST Rural0.6161990917662152098222760231226132
64 WEST LIMITS OF MILES Rural2.8011710814872152098222760234790602
64 JUNCTION SECTION ROAD Municipal0.31316308141720519932127582351064
64 INTERSECTION FERRY ROAD Municipal0.2131070586020519932127582322844
64 NORTH LIMITS OF MILES Municipal0.503970481814811541217582348874
64 JUNCTION US 67 Rural6.294102058601551257121760236420976
       ROUTE SUMMARY - RURAL33.7151868 629796673
       ROUTE SUMMARY - MUNICIPAL5.3023733 197901260
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