Volume of Traffic on the Primary Road System




Section length (miles) Annual average daily traffic

Vehicle classification distribution
of annual average daily traffic

Average daily vehicle miles


Cars, vans and pickups Total trucks and buses Single unit
All vehicles Trucks and buses
Primary route
section description




4 or more axles 4 or less axles


6 or more axles Multiple trailers
16955 Kossuth COUNTY
169 INTERSECTION CO RD B55 Rural6.974297013240055722106232393331318207133885
169 INTERSECTION 190TH STREET Rural1.9933130142627489281393132823810146238975
169 SOUTH LIMITS OF ALGONA Rural1.2783840183333489281393132823810144908625
169 JUNCTION IRVINGTON STREET Municipal0.2105500274985489281393132823810141155103
169 JUNCTION SOUTH STREET Municipal0.2496000295482489281393132823810141494122
169 EAST JCT STATE ST & PHILLIPS ST Municipal0.3867000356477489281393132823810142702189
169 WEST JCT STATE ST & JONES STREETMunicipal0.30753001849233599971412417616221627110
169 INTERSECTION NORTH STREET Municipal0.137660022622735189113124176162290448
169 INTERSECTION OAK STREET Municipal0.2447600267223351891131241761622185486
169 ENTRANCE TO K MART/HY VEE Municipal0.5038700308262409131372022417616224376206
169 INTERSECTION US 18 Municipal0.11178002773654091313720224176162286645
169 NORTH LIMITS OF ALGONA Municipal0.2524420214032367231142531916779111492
169 INTERSECTION EAST RIVER ROAD Rural0.045442021403236723114253191677919917
169 INTERSECTION CO RD B30 Rural2.71334001630173672311425319167799224996
169 INTERSECTION 300TH STREET Rural4.918268013235331416771721916779131801544
169 INTERSECTION CO RD B19 Rural0.85317808150626694410119167791518227
169 SOUTH JUNCTION CO RD A42 Rural5.247169081416266944101191677988671396
169 SOUTH LIMITS OF BANCROFT Rural0.58318909161526694410119167791102155
169 INTERSECTION SENECA ROAD Municipal0.4911890916152669441011916779928131
169 NORTH LIMITS OF BANCROFT Municipal0.084154071268266944101191677912922
169 JUNCTION CO RD A40 Rural0.95015407126826694410119167791463253
169 WEST JUNCTION IA 9 & CO RD P40 Rural4.96512005929266944101191677959581321
169 INTERSECTION CO RD P50 Rural2.440144061177256126013116140683514625
169 JUNCTION CO RD P60 Rural3.501156071297256126013116140685462896
169 JUNCTION 3RD STREET (LAKOTA) Rural0.2551480612182561260131161406837765
169 EAST JUNCTION IA 9 Rural0.2431610713472561260131161406839162
169 INTERSECTION CO RD A16 Rural7.054970471724984091181586868421756
169 MINNESOTA STATE LINE Rural0.84811405886249840911815868967211
       ROUTE SUMMARY - RURAL44.8602027 9092315009
       ROUTE SUMMARY - MUNICIPAL2.9745767 171491154
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