Volume of Traffic on the Primary Road System




Section length (miles) Annual average daily traffic

Vehicle classification distribution
of annual average daily traffic

Average daily vehicle miles


Cars, vans and pickups Total trucks and buses Single unit
All vehicles Trucks and buses
Primary route
section description




4 or more axles 4 or less axles


6 or more axles Multiple trailers
563 Marion COUNTY
5 SOUTH LIMITS OF HAMILTON Rural0.316299014264433219952121916168945105
5 JUNCTION WABUSH DRIVE Municipal0.04829001425633231992202181576813916
5 WEST LIMITS OF HAMILTON Municipal0.07626301222943231992202181576820025
5 JUNCTION CO RD G71 Rural4.718271013236533219952121916168127861566
5 NORTH JUNCTION CO RD G62 Rural5.5333270152873382261292831916168180932114
5 IA 92 & ATTICA ROAD EAST INTCHG Rural3.4123810183410382261292831916168130001303
5 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.3983001279192820170000
5 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.24221011852431330040000
5 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.3982170101933227201002228683400
5 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Rural0.242198091710261241162639773400
5 EAST LIMITS OF KNOXVILLE Rural1.42165003056008705627761645388162292371236
5 IA 14 INTERCHANGE Municipal0.5316400295525846552695964437715203398449
5 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Municipal0.3111820915982131259131121054500
5 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Municipal0.261199091773208147015210884500
5 WEST-NORTH WEST-SOUTH RAMP Municipal0.311880473614014681524351100
5 NORTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST RAMP Municipal0.249880475811810501114371100
5 WEST LIMITS OF KNOXVILLE Municipal0.5324290193588683532585763025610142282363
5 110TH PLACE INTERCHANGE Rural1.0814420203697703542655863126311154778760
5 EAST-NORTH EAST-SOUTH RAMP Rural0.261190118450200020000
5 NORTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST RAMP Rural0.261110110550200020000
5 MCKIMBER STREET INTERCHANGE Rural0.3943930173221692532615763026010141548273
5 EAST-WEST RAMP Rural0.50514807136610613631411120000
5 WEST-EAST RAMP Rural0.48217309164378839912171100
5 WEST JUNCTION IA 92 & HWY 181 Rural7.026740035647589076371828342911216519926253
5 EAST-NORTH RAMP Rural0.106262012228332527133293131094500
5 JUNCTION SOUTH OLD HWY 5 Rural0.789740036681255238186414272349135839436
5 SOUTH LIMITS OF PLEASANTVILLE Rural0.541620030561855238186414272349133354299
5 INTERSECTION JASPER STREET Municipal1.019550026493853637180404262279135605546
5 JUNCTION NORTH OLD HWY 5 Municipal1.184590028533653637180404262279136986635
5 NORTH LIMITS OF PLEASANTVILLE *Municipal0.0607200356629536371804042622791343232
5 EAST LINE OF WARREN COUNTY *Rural3.34783004177075523818641427234913277801848
       ROUTE SUMMARY - RURAL31.4734855 14935216193
       ROUTE SUMMARY - MUNICIPAL4.5824500 190422066
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