Volume of Traffic on the Primary Road System




Section length (miles) Annual average daily traffic

Vehicle classification distribution
of annual average daily traffic

Average daily vehicle miles


Cars, vans and pickups Total trucks and buses Single unit
All vehicles Trucks and buses
Primary route
section description




4 or more axles 4 or less axles


6 or more axles Multiple trailers
6985 Story COUNTY
69 INTERSECTION IA 210 Rural1.003390020367520694610113116563912207
69 JUNCTION CAMPUS DRIVE Rural0.8426700346359307261302931198455641258
69 SOUTH LIMITS OF HUXLEY *Rural0.07962003158623072613029311984549024
69 INTERSECTION 1ST STREET *Municipal0.08762003158623072613029311984553927
69 NORTH LIMITS OF HUXLEY Municipal1.4345400275066307261302931198457744440
69 SOUTH JUNCTION CO RD E57 Rural2.65468003464583072613029311984518047815
69 SOUTH LIMITS OF AMES Rural2.56466003362593072613029311984516922787
69 JUNCTION JEWEL DRIVE Municipal0.5187700397354307261302931198453989159
69 JUNCTION AIRPORT ROAD Municipal0.524106005410180366351713841198455554192
69 US 30 INTERCHANGE * Municipal0.266198001011889580575366818262279135267214
69 INTERSECTION SOUTH 16TH STREET*Municipal0.23825400902487643426273414968686045103
69 JUNCTION SOUTH 3RD STREET Municipal1.394244008623804510323475257555734014711
69 JCT LINCOLN WAY & DUFF AVENUE Municipal0.1861980070193383922425338475557368373
69 JCT LINCOLN WAY & GRAND AVENUE Municipal0.50714600511398256739413616536347402287
69 INTERSECTION 6TH STREET Municipal0.27217000601654639426275414536344624107
69 INTERSECTION 13TH STREET Municipal0.53217400611694539426275414536349257210
69 INTERSECTION 16TH STREET Municipal0.26217500621704539426275414536344585103
69 INTERSECTION 20TH STREET Municipal0.26016700591624739426275414536344342102
69 INTERSECTION 24TH STREET Municipal0.2511600056155503942627541453634401699
69 JUNCTION 30TH ST & DUFF AVENUE Municipal0.37713100461266039426275414536344939149
69 JUNCTION BLOOMINGTON ROAD Municipal0.33313900721343439449239535540224629131
69 NORTH LIMITS OF AMES Municipal0.38585004482102462813730354022327395
69 JUNCTION 190TH STREET Rural1.1529500499205246281373035402210944283
69 INTERSECTION CO RD E23 Rural1.987700036680316117831824341113909320
69 INTERSECTION CO RD E18 Rural4.108470024453614014681524341119308575
69 SOUTH JUNCTION CO RD E15 Rural1.45336901935311401468152434115362203
69 NORTH JUNCTION CO RD E15 Rural0.5462870142715140146815243411156776
69 SOUTH LINE OF HAMILTON COUNTY Rural0.9682610132504937368143411252690
       ROUTE SUMMARY - RURAL17.3565683 986283638
       ROUTE SUMMARY - MUNICIPAL7.82614554 1139023202
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