Volume of Traffic on the Primary Road System




Section length (miles) Annual average daily traffic

Vehicle classification distribution
of annual average daily traffic

Average daily vehicle miles


Cars, vans and pickups Total trucks and buses Single unit
All vehicles Trucks and buses
Primary route
section description




4 or more axles 4 or less axles


6 or more axles Multiple trailers
5296 Winneshiek COUNTY
52 EAST LIMITS OF CASTALIA Rural3.367159071303280231112431199455354943
52 JUNCTION CENTENIAL ROAD Municipal0.67714506117726721105232119545982181
52 WEST LIMITS OF CASTALIA Municipal0.277111048392672110523211954530774
52 EAST LIMITS OF OSSIAN Rural4.127116058762802311124311994547871156
52 INTERSECTION LYDIA STREET Municipal0.5792060101783267211052321195451193155
52 JUNCTION JESSIE STREET Municipal0.10129201426392672110523211954529527
52 JUNCTION FISHER AVENUE Municipal0.11126001223212672110523211954528930
52 WEST LIMITS OF OSSIAN Municipal0.28828301425502672110523211954581577
52 JUNCTION CO RD B32 Rural0.12229801426852802311124311994536434
52 JUNCTION CO RD W38 Rural3.9111900916112802311124311994574311095
52 EAST LIMITS OF CALMAR Rural1.823177081482280231112431199453227510
52 JUNCTION IA 24 & IA 150 Municipal0.27427001324202672110523211954574073
52 INTERSECTION NORTH STREET Municipal0.1035000244458519341673742722991351553
52 NORTH LIMITS OF CALMAR Municipal0.478451021397051934167374272299132156248
52 JUNCTION CO RD B16 Rural2.158467022410454536176394282401014100781176
52 INTERSECTION IA 9 Rural7.641497023440154536176394282401014379764164
52 SOUTH LIMITS OF DECORAH Rural0.2804530213967541321553443026211151268151
52 NORTH LIMITS OF DECORAH Municipal0.3724310203774516301483332924910141603192
52 JUNCTION PULPIT ROCK ROAD Rural0.06145302139675413215534430262111527633
52 SOUTH LIMITS OF DECORAH Rural0.9103280152801464211022223026211152985422
52 INTERSECTION POLE LINE ROAD Municipal0.504313014267344220972122924910141578223
52 NORTH LIMITS OF DECORAH Municipal0.501311014265444220972122924910141558221
52 JUNCTION COLLEGE DRIVE Rural1.2793260152781464211022223026211154170593
52 JUNCTION CO RD W34 Rural1.6104190203706464211022223026211156746747
52 JUNCTION 355TH ST & 236TH AVE Rural6.741289013241446421102222302621115194813128
52 MINNESOTA STATE LINE Rural3.54224201019464642110222230262111585721643
       ROUTE SUMMARY - RURAL37.5723000 11271515795
       ROUTE SUMMARY - MUNICIPAL4.2652821 120311554
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