Ordering instructions for political subdivisions

Most Iowa DOT inventory materials and supplies may be sold to political subdivisions, state or federal agencies if the sale does not jeopardize the department’s needs.

Prices online are subject to change; an up-to-the-minute price averaging system changes prices as additional stock is received. If additional information is needed about current price, and questions on availability, contact Customer Services at 515-239-1047. There will be no sales tax, handling, or delivery charges added to your orders.

All items ordered may be picked up in person or sent by the Iowa DOT's freight truck delivery service. The Iowa DOT's freight trucks stop at Iowa DOT maintenance garages indicated on the freight truck map in the Resources section; however, full truckloads can be delivered direct to your location. Most orders will be shipped within a two-week period.

Occasionally items ordered maybe temporarily out of stock. These items will be back-ordered and shipped as soon as they become available.

You may place your order by mail, phone, fax; at a local Iowa DOT garage;  via the online ordering system.

Mail/Fax Orders
Use stock issue form 370-133005 for all mail in and fax orders. Additional stock issue forms can be ordered using stock number 370-133005.

Call in Orders
Call 515-239-1047 or any Iowa DOT field location to get an order placed for you using our  internal inventory system.

Online Orders
Use of the new online ordering system requires government agencies to have an account set up with the Enterprise A&A system.  If you need to create an account, please visit the Enterprise A&A site, select the 'Create A New Account' tab and complete the account information.  Only government agencies with active Iowa DOT customer numbers can use the new ordering system.  After you have created your Enterprise A&A account, use the web based ordering system directly from the stock catalog page.

All ordering methods require the Iowa DOT customer number

Knowing this number will ensure the order is correctly charged and delivered. To get an Iowa DOT customer number,  call 515-239-1047. Remember; customer numbers are only available to government agencies. Please have the number available when ordering. 

All customers will be sent a printed catalog. If you have not received a copy, call 515-239-1047 to request one.

Mail/Fax/Call in Orders

  1. Mail completed orders to: Iowa Department of Transportation
    Support Services - Inventory Management
    800 Lincoln Way
    Ames, IA 50010
  2. Fax completed orders to:
  3. Call in orders:
    (515) 239-1047
Department of Transportation truck image
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