Enterprise A&A Overview

The Enterprise A&A site is provided by the Information Technology section of the State of Iowa's Department of Administrative Services (DAS). An EntAA account is required to create stock orders and must be created at the Enterprise A&A site directly.

In order to use the DOT Online Stock Catalog application, you must have an account created and confirmed via this "Common Interface" (CI) and that account must then be associated with an active DOT customer number.

The following steps are required in order use the online ordering system.

  1. You must create a new account - All new accounts must be created from the EntAA Common Interface (CI). Links to this CI can be found on the following pages:
  2. You must confirm the new account - After the account has been created, you will receive an email containing a link back to the EntAA CI. Click on the link and complete the confirmation steps.
  3. The Iowa DOT must link the new account to a Customer ID - After confirmation, Central Inventory staff receive an e-mail letting them know that you have confirmed the new account. This e-mail contains your new User ID and your email address. You should get an e-mail shortly after requesting more details from you regarding your identity to establish which Customer you should be linked to.
  4. Log in to the DOT Online Stock Catalog - You can add items to a generic cart without logging in, but in order to actually create an order you must log in using your newly created EntAA ID.
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