Road/Street Equipment Inventory ViewComponents

Iowa Administrative Code, Transportation [761], Chapter 178, requires cities and counties to report the costs of purchasing, leasing, or renting city/county equipment used for maintenance and/or construction work on roads, streets, culverts, or bridges.

This inventory provides access to equipment reported in accordance with this requirement. Equipment to be reported here must be used for maintenance and or construction work on roads, streets, culverts, or bridges. Examples of these maintenance and construction activities can be found in I.M. 2.010, Attachment A.

* Note: Equipment should only be reported on this form if it falls into ONE of the following categories:

• self-propelled equipment as shown in the current fiscal year’s Schedule of Equipment Rates
• motorized, non-self-propelled equipment with a cost in excess of $15,000.
* Equipment used only for snow and ice removal (snowplows, spreaders, etc.) does not need to be reported. Also, mowers used only for maintenance mowing of roadsides do not need to be reported.

This information is being provided in order to assist cities and counties in locating equipment owned by other cities or counties that may be bought, sold, leased, or shared.